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add vortrag
ADD Linuxwochen / PyDays
Paper Cert
Meeting 2017-04-20
calendar ++
virt-manager auf tagesordnung
ADD random link about UEFI/Grub/Kernel
thema fuer naechsten termin eingetragen
Link für pydays
more notes for today
(wiki syntax fix)
mehr notizen von heute
kalender fuer heute
mehr themen
fix date
harald kommt auch
new calendar entry
Besprochene Themen
add topic
add persons
neuer Kalender Eintrag
add some stuff
harald kommt auch
add new entry
more new
Hello 2016-10-20
List-Links update
ADD themen
Thema hinzugefügt
ADD harald
Heute hinzufügen
Datum richtig gestellt
harald kommt auch wieder mal
new cal entry
add further topics
add leo
add my name
Elektra ads
new cal
video streaming setup
group photos
phone+elektra 0.8.16
Updates minidebconf.
Treffen 2015-05-19
show-is-over-statement, videos, contact me
announce dinner
start minutes for day 2
add photo of day 1
file copied and scaled from albert's photos; the file should be replaced
with something from the gallery once that's operational.
Add press reports
hacklab is still in use
Now with more Tux
fixed wrong video team irc channel
Merge branch 'master' of
video stream is on
MiniDebConf day 1
time for lightning talks
lightning talk and workshop updates
ADD futurezone Bericht
plans for this evening
minutes updates
Merge branch 'master' of
added (so far disabled) link to streams
Wrong day in minutes day0
ADD minutes template for first day
Merge branch 'master' of
add extra announcement for packaging workshop
FIX stupid link problem on minidebconf
ADD Sunday closed statement to shops/drugstores
ADD Orga in action stuff
update food times
telephone number update
public transport update
remove logo from minidebconf page
doesn't render correctly on the server
base svg for video covers
a minidebconf logo
based on reox' cutting templates
Merge branch 'master' of
add links to sponsors
added sponsor / host logos
hpe converted using inkscape from their
"" package, linuxwochen copied from
their website.
Presse: Blogeintrag hinzugefügt.
add shop e-tec.
Anwesenheit angepasst
stored budget planning
telephonliste begonnen